60 years of experience bringing quality and fundamental change to the industry.
İbrahim UZ
1963 to present

Starting in 1963, our journey continued by establishing Möble Saray in order to gather all varieties of Inegöl Furniture under a single roof.

A small workshop, great hopes and a family standing with a centuries-old heritage... While preserving the tradition of craftsmanship since 1963, Uz Furniture renews itself in every generation and meets today's design trends and technology. Now, it has turned into a brand that can be included in your living spaces in a 12,000 square meter activity area.

Uz Furniture, which continues its presence in every area where life is built such as villas, lounges, residences and architectural projects, tells a story of art from wood by combining the experience and craft of 60 years of production culture with its expert architect staff. Thanks to Uz Furniture's devoted work, commitment to quality and the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction, it continues to maintain its leadership in the sector.

Two brothers Ertekin and Batuğ Uz continue this 60-year father-son legacy. Uz Furniture is managed with an understanding that is constantly open to innovation and prioritizes customer satisfaction. We offer a wide range of products from classic furniture to modern designs.

Special designs for you

Our team of architects and designers work with you for designs specific to your project.

As Uz Furniture, we work with you with our experienced team of architects and designers for special designs for your project. We first conduct a detailed interview to understand the wishes and needs of our customers. In this way, we offer you the most suitable furniture solutions by understanding the style, dimensions, color preferences and other specifications of your space.


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